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The presets are kinda buried on your hard drive. They're
located in the Presets folder in the After Effects folder in the
Adobe folder in the Program Files (Win)/Applications (Mac)
folder on your computer. However, there's a nifty shortcut for
getting Bridge to the presets folder. Go to the fl yout menu of the
Effects & Presets panel (the same place where we deselected the
Show Animation Presets option in the previous section), and
choose Browse Presets. This will not only launch Adobe Bridge
(assuming it isn't running already), but it will also automatically
navigate to the Presets folder for you. In Bridge, you'll then see
the contents of the Presets folder, which contains a large number
of folders of preset categories (Fig. 1.6).
If we double click one of the folders—Backgrounds in this
case—we'll enter that folder and see previews of all of its anima-
tion presets (Fig. 1.7).
Figure 1.6 The Presets folder, as
seen in Adobe Bridge.
Figure 1.7 Thumbnail previews
of the animation presets in the
Backgrounds folder.
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