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Figure 6.39 The Ramp precomp
with Colorama applied at its
default settings.
blank spot around the outer edge of the wheel to launch a fl oat-
ing window with your operating system's color picker to create
a new color stop. Also, if you Ctrl(Win)/Cmd(Mac)+click and
drag on an existing color triangle, you will create a copy of it. To
remove the color triangles, simply click and drag them away from
the wheel. You can have up to 64 different colors on an output-
cycle color wheel.
I moved around some of these triangles to create a different look
with this simple gradient. I moved the magenta triangle closer to
the blue one and the yellow triangle closer to the green one, and
deleted the cyan triangle. Do you know why the results turned out
the way they did? Notice that, just like in regular gradients, when
you pull two colors close together, the transition between them
becomes much sharper and less gradual (Figs. 6.40 and 6.41).
Figure 6.40 The changes I made
to the output cycle.
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