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When you apply the Color Link effect, you fi rst specify which
layer is to be analyzed by the effect in the Source Layer drop
down. Then, in the Sample drop down, determine how the Color
Link will identify the color it returns. Selecting Average, for exam-
ple, will cause the Color Link effect to examine the layer chosen
in the Source Layer drop down, and fi ll the layer with the color
that represents the average pixel value. You can also then blend
this color into the source layer using the opacity or blend modes.
So, all in all, Color Link is a valuable facility for analyzing the
makeup of a layer, color-wise. This information can then be used
for other purposes. But, the effect itself is not really one of color
The Color Stabilizer Effect
The Color Stabilizer effect attempts to stabilize the luminance
of video that varies from frame to frame. This is especially help-
ful for those doing stop-motion video, or time-lapse photogra-
phy. Both types of shooting are often plagued by wild variations
in luminance from frame to frame because of the time differences
between the capture of each frame. Luminance randomization
might also occur because of the inability of a video camera's white-
point correction to establish a consistent white point. If you'd like
to practice stabilizing color, import the shaky luminance.mp4 fi le
from the Video folder in the Media folder of the exercise fi les.
While it's next to impossible to demonstrate luminance varia-
tion over time in a book, it's not diffi cult to describe the steps to
fi x this problem with the Color Stabilizer effect. First, let's take a
look at the options in the Color Stabilizer effect (Fig. 6.34).
Figure 6.34 The options in the
Color Stabilizer effect in the Effect
Controls panel.
This effect stabilizes color by analyzing colors from a sample
frame to determine how to conform the luminance across all
frames. Move the current time indicator to a frame that has the
appropriate luminance levels. Then click the Set Frame text (button)
at the very top of the effect setting in the Effect Controls panel, next
to the Reset and About buttons. If your colors completely freaked
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