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Figure 6.31 The results of
selecting Preserve Luminosity.
But, if the layer has shades of gray, such as in patterns created by
the Fractal Noise effect, then the Color Balance effect can be used
to subtly introduce color. Again, it might not be the best tool for
the job. I love the Color Balance effect and its results, so I often
use it wherever I can. But then, that's me (Fig. 6.32).
Figure 6.32 The Color Balance
effect used to colorize a grayscale
pattern made with Fractal Noise.
To get this amount of color, I had
to use extreme values (e.g. over
70 for positive red values and less
than −50 for negative green and
blue values).
The Color Balance (HLS) Effect
Contrary to what the name suggests, the Color Balance (HLS)
effect is nothing like the Color Balance effect we just looked at.
Instead, it gives you but three parameters for adjustment: Hue,
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