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Figure 6.29 After increasing the
blues in the shadows, midtones,
and highlights.
Figure 6.30 The image with
an added cyan tint, created
by adding a lot of blue and a
little green.
The opposite is also true. If we were to subtract blue to add a
yellow tint, the images would become darker because we are
removing light. If you're worrying about that shift in brightness,
you can click the Preserve Luminosity checkbox at the bottom of
this effect in the Effect Controls panel. In that event, the results
become much more intense with the added contrast (Fig. 6.31).
Colorizing with Color Balance
The Color Balance effect is not really intended to be used to
colorize black and white footage. Actually, if the layer is pure black
and/or pure white, Color Balance will have no effect whatsoever.
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