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Figure 6.27 The Artbeats video
clip we'll be using for this section
on the Color Balance effect.
Figure 6.28 The options for
the Color Balance effect in the
Effect Controls panel.
shadows, midtones, and highlights. I used a value of about 50 for
each (Fig. 6.29).
But, let's say now that we want to add a slight cyan tint here.
We can accomplish this in a couple of different ways. We could
add cyan by reducing the amount of red. We can also add cyan by
increasing green (because there is extra blue here). I'm going to
take the Hilight Blue Balance value down to about 25, and then
increase the Hilight Green Balance to 50. We could add more
green in the shadows and midtones, but the results here look
pretty good even as it is (Fig. 6.30).
When we used the Color Balance effect in this example, you
might have noticed how the luminance changed in addition to
the colors. As we add more light (by increasing the amount of red,
green, or blue in the image), the images naturally grow brighter.
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