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Using Effect Presets
Getting the effects settings that are
just right can be time consuming. So,
After Effects has provided a way for you
to save and reuse your effects settings,
using effect presets. Effect presets can
store the settings of multiple effects and
animation data (including keyframes and
expressions). For example, let's say you
had created the perfect water texture,
comprised of the Fractal Noise effect to
make the water texture, the Colorama
effect to add color, and you added some
expressions to create organic watery
movement. You can save all of this work
by fi rst selecting all the effects that you
want to save in the Effect Controls panel.
You can select multiple effects by hold-
ing down the Ctrl(Win)/Cmd(Mac) key
while clicking to select them. Then, with
the effects selected, open the Animation
menu at the top of the screen and select
Save Animation Preset. You can then
navigate to a location to save the preset,
which has a .ffx fi le extension. To apply an effect preset, simply
select the layer(s) to which you want to apply the preset, open
the Animation menu and select Apply Animation Preset, navigate
to and select the desired FFX fi le, and click OK. Note that these
FFX fi les are also cross-platform.
The Effects & Presets panel can also display effect presets that
ship with After Effects, or that are stored in the same folder as the
stock presets. That way, when you perform a search, you can use
this panel to access presets and apply them quickly. Personally,
I fi nd this to be a distraction, especially when teaching. So, I
go to the Effects & Presets panel menu and deselect the Show
Animation Presets option (Fig. 1.5).
Figure 1.5 If you want to clean up the search results in the Effects
& Presets panel, deselect Show Animation Presets from the panel's
fl yout menu.
Browsing Effects Presets with Adobe Bridge
Adobe Bridge is a fi le browsing application that comes with
After Effects and many other Adobe programs as well. It can pre-
view still images (including image sequences!), graphics from
Adobe Illustrator, video, audio, PDFs, layered Photoshop docu-
ments, and even some 3D fi les. One of the lesser known features
of Adobe Bridge is that it can also preview the animation presets
that ship with After Effects. This even includes the ability to pre-
view the text animation presets.
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