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Figure 6.24 The
Artbeats video clip.
This Artbeats clip has a slight bluish tint to it. Blue tones—such
as those seen in this clip—often suggest a relaxed feel, or a pro-
fessional tone. But, I want to color correct this clip so that it looks
like the Los Angeles inner city—hot, rough, dead, and abrasive.
To get this look, I want to add a yellowish tint, but with a little
orange as well. How am I to do this, seeing that there aren't any
yellow controls? This is where it pays to know a little color the-
ory. The opposite of blue is yellow, so I can actually add yellow by
subtracting blue. Add just a touch of red to create orange.
To achieve the desired results, I took Red-Green to 45, Red-Blue
to 10, Blue-Green to −30, and Blue-Blue down to 85. In short, I
added a little bit of red, and even more yellow merely by subtract-
ing blue. The results look fantastic (Fig. 6.25).
Figure 6.25 The Artbeats clip
after color grading with the
Channel Mixer effect.
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