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Figure 6.22 With the Red-Red
value at 50, the intensity of
pure red is reduced.
Each channel also has a Const value, which is short for con-
stant. This property essentially decides the extent to which a
particular color channel is present in all color channels. So, if I
increase the Blue-Const value to 50, you will notice blue mixed in
with every other color (Fig. 6.23).
Figure 6.23 Increasing the
Blue-Const value makes all pixels
more blue.
Now that we understand what happens with the Channel
Mixer effect, let's turn off the visibility of the shape layer, and turn
on the visibility of the Artbeats clip to see how this effect can help
you in the real world. The Channel Mixer effect has already been
applied to this clip for you (Fig. 6.24).
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