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Figure 6.16 After changing the
From and To colors, the results
aren't that great (yet).
that default selects only Hue, which means that only the
Tolerance>Hue property will do anything at all until the Change
drop down is altered.
In such a case, all we really need to do is to raise the
Tolerance>Hue value in the Effect Controls panel to about 17%
to get a fairly acceptable result. We then have a much smoother
transition from the spot of new color to the rest of the bird's face.
You might notice in Fig. 6.17 (or in the project you're work-
ing on) that we have some colored noise in this image caused by
the high ISO value I used when taking this photo. The problem is
that some of that noise is a rusty red color—the same color we're
Figure 6.17 After increasing
the Hue value, we have a pretty
decent removal of the rust-colored
spot on the bird's face.
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