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The Change to Color Effect
The Change to Color effect is very similar to the Change Color
effect. The difference is that the Change to Color effect allows
you to select the specifi c color with which you'd like to replace
the existing one. This is immensely convenient for compositing
two elements together in a scene. Maybe one clip has a different
white balance, or some other color that is prominent. You can use
the Change to Color effect to match the colors (almost) exactly.
Open up (or Revert) the Color Change.aep project from the
Chapter 6 folder. Apply the Change to Color effect to the bird
layer in the bird comp. In the Effect Controls panel, there are
two color swatches. The From swatch is the original color (that
is, the color we are changing), and the To color swatch is that we
want the From color swatch to become (that is, the color we are
changing to). Click the eyedropper next to the From swatch, then
click on the rust-colored spot on the bird's face. To make sure
you're getting the color you want, you can check the Info panel
as you move your cursor around. The Info panel displays the
color of the pixel over which your cursor happens to be at any
given moment (Fig. 6.15).
Making Yourself Sick
Note that there
is a stopwatch
next to the To
property. It means that you
can animate one color
changing to another. If
you wanted to animate
yourself (or someone else)
getting sick, you could
select your skin tone in the
From swatch, and then
select the same color in the
To swatch. Then animate
that to change over time to
a sickly pale green color.
Figure 6.15 The Info panel
displays the color of the pixel
under your cursor, and can be
used as a guide when selecting
colors with eyedroppers.
Now that we've selected a From color, click the eyedropper
next to the To color swatch, and then click on the yellow of the
bird's face, next to the red spot. The results may need a little more
work before they look decent (Fig. 6.16).
One of the advantages of the Change to Color effect over the
Change Color effect is that we have three separate Tolerance
controls for Hue, Lightness, and Saturation. In the Change Color
effect, however, there is only one Tolerance parameter. Having
three values to help you select the precise color range to adjust
is very helpful. The Change drop down allows you to select the
properties you want to alter with the effect, which determines
the Tolerance controls that you use to select color. Remember
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