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Figure 6.13 The color of the spot
on the bird's face changed with
the Change Color effect.
Change Color effect isn't affecting as many pixels as you'd like it
to (or if it is affecting too many pixels), then you can adjust the
Matching Tolerance and Matching Softness values. Increasing
them will select more pixels, reducing them will limit the num-
ber of affected pixels. I found that the default values of 15% for
Matching Tolerance and 0% for Matching Softness worked well in
this example.
If you're not getting the results you're looking for, you can also
change the value of Match Colors and use the hue or the chroma
of the colors to match them. You can also select the option
Invert Color Correction Mask to preserve the color from Color To
Change and adjust all the other colors (Fig. 6.14).
Figure 6.14 Selecting Invert
Color Correction Mask protects
the color we chose for the Color
To Change value, and affects the
other colors in the image.
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