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Once you fi nd the effect in the Effects & Presets panel, you
can double click to apply. But another benefi t of fi nding effects
in this way is that it also gives you drag-and-drop functionality
when applying effects. You can drag and drop the effect from the
Effects & Presets panel onto the desired layer in the Composition
panel or in the Timeline panel.
Adjusting Effects
Once you've applied the effect, you adjust its various proper-
ties in the Effect Controls panel (on the left side of the interface,
grouped with the Project panel by default). If your Effect Controls
panel isn't showing, you can select it from the Window menu, or
press the F3 key on your keyboard. We'll be spending most of this
book in the Effect Controls panel, so be familiar with this work-
fl ow. Remember that every property that has a stopwatch can be
animated (Fig. 1.4 ).
Resetting Effects and Individual Properties
After experimenting with effects, sometimes you'll want to get
back to the default settings. If you click the Reset button at the
top of each effect in the Effect Controls panel, you'll reset every
setting for that effect back to its default value. However, if you
want to only reset the value of one property, right click on its
value and select Reset.
Figure 1.4 The Effect Controls
panel, where we go to tweak
effect settings.
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