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Figure 6.9 The results of
applying the Broadcast Colors
effect with the default settings.
doesn't work well in this case because of the textures in the sub-
ject's jacket and in the background (which is actually a Lego rep-
lica of the Titanic). So, we need to adjust the How to Make Color
Safe drop down. Change the value of this drop down to Reduce
Saturation in order to make After Effects reduce the satura-
tion (instead of the luminance) of the offending pixels. With this
change, the results look a little better (Fig. 6.10).
Also in the How to Make Color Safe drop down, you'll fi nd a
couple of settings that don't really make too much sense. But, they
allow you to view the problem areas in your footage. You can elim-
inate all pixels that are out of compliance by choosing Key Out
Unsafe. Otherwise, you can view only unsafe pixels by choosing
Figure 6.10 The results of
Broadcast Colors with the How to
Make Color Safe value changed to
Reduce Saturation.
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