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much of the shadows are forced to pure black, and how much of
the highlights are forced to pure white, respectively.
The Auto Contrast Effect
The Auto Contrast effect is similar to the Auto Color effect,
except that it doesn't do much in the way of shifting colors. Its pri-
mary purpose is to adjust brightness values, which it does fairly
well. If you're continuing along with the Auto.aep project, choose
File>Revert to reset the project to its default status. Otherwise,
you can open this project from the Chapter 6 folder of the exer-
cise fi les. Apply the Auto Contrast effect to the beluga EFFECT
layer. Notice how the image on the right (the adjusted part of the
image) is lighter, but its colors are still unchanged. Our beluga
whale still doesn't appear white (Fig. 6.3).
Figure 6.3 The results of the
Auto Contrast effect, right, with
the original on the left.
The Auto Levels Effect
The Auto Levels effect is uniquely different from the other auto
effects we've already looked at in this chapter. The other auto
effects process the entire image, while the Auto Levels effect pro-
cesses each color channel independently. Because of how this
effect works, there is a possibility of it introducing a color cast
into the image. Imagine if you had an image that didn't have a
full range of highlights in the Red Channel. The Auto Levels effect
would increase the red highlights, which could inject a reddish
tint (cast) into the image.
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