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One of the effects that you should probably avoid at all costs is
the Brightness & Contrast effect, which does terrible things to
your footage. Don't be tempted to use it because of its simplic-
ity. Perhaps the most useless effect here is the PS Arbitrary Map
The purpose of this topic is to cover all effects, and that's pre-
cisely what we'll do, for the sake of completeness. We'll pass
quickly through effects that I consider useless. And who knows,
you may fi nd an innovative way to use them after all.
The Auto Color Effect
The Auto Color and Auto Contrast effects are quite simi-
lar. They both attempt to automatically fi x color and contrast,
respectively. They also work on the luminance values of the entire
clip, as opposed to individual channels like the Auto Levels effect.
Because they don't process each color channel individually, they
don't have the facility to introduce a color cast into the footage.
When an entire layer has a slight tint towards a particular color
it is known as a color cast. Open the Auto.aep project from the
Chapter 6 folder of the exercise fi les. I have created for use with
the “auto effects”, that is, the Auto Color, Auto Contrast, and Auto
Levels. This project contains a comp called beluga, which has an
image of a beluga whale (Fig. 6.1).
Figure 6.1 The beluga image
from the Auto.aep project.
This comp contains the beluga image duplicated. The bottom
layer is the untouched duplicate. The upper copy of the image
has a transition effect applied so that when you apply color
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