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Applying Effects
I'm assuming that you are fairly familiar with After Effects.
You'll certainly get more out of this topic if you know more
about other (noneffect) aspects of After Effects, such as color
channels and color theory, the names of key panels (such as the
Composition panel, Project panel, Timeline panel, etc.), layer
blend modes, masks, and so forth. But if you are new to After
Effects and want to follow along here, you can still learn a lot. So,
in this section, we'll look at how to apply effects.
There are two ways to apply effects—from the Effect menu at
the top of the interface or from the Effects & Presets panel. To
apply an effect from the Effect menu, select a layer in the Timeline
panel, then go to the Effect menu, fi nd the effect in the effects cat-
egory that you'd like to apply, and then select it there. The problem
with this method is that you have to memorize which effects are
in which categories. Why would I want to spend time doing that?
I never use the Effect menu to apply effects. I prefer to use
the Effects & Presets panel instead. This panel also has effects
grouped by preset, but it also has the added power of a live search
fi eld. Start typing in a few letters of an effect, and instantly, all
effects that have that combination of letters show up in the
search results in the Effects & Presets panel, while all other effects
are hidden. To remove the search results and see all effects again,
click the X on the right side of the search fi eld (Fig. 1.3 ).
Figure 1.3 Searching for effects
in the Effects &
Presets panel.
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