Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 5.66 After relighting the
scene with the 3D Channel Extract
effect and the Shift Channels
Notice in Fig. 5.67 that only the pixels that are facing upwards
were relighted. The side of the car has undergone very little
change. But, the hood of the car and the shop fl oor are bright-
ened considerably.
Figure 5.67 A close up of our
relighting job. The lower left side
shows the original pixels and the
upper right side shows the result
of our alterations.
The Shift Channels effect is a key ingredient in this recipe.
Using the Shift Channels effect, we turned the multi-colored
Surface Normals display into a grayscale map of the green chan-
nel that we could blend with other layers.
The Solid Composite Effect
We fi nish out this chapter with a simple effect—the Solid
Composite effect. The purpose of this effect is to save you the
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