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We're going to be relighting the scene using the Shift Channels
effect. Note that we're not going to be lightening the scene, as
with an effect like Levels, but we're actually going to be changing
the current lighting, as if we had this image back in its original 3D
rendering application (Fig. 5.63).
Creating Black and
White Images
Note that you can
also use the Shift
Channels to create
a black and white version
of layers. To do this, set
every color channel drop
down in the Shift Channels
options to the same color
channel. You can use this
to see which color channel
looks better as a black and
white image, and choose
that version.
Figure 5.63 The Shift
Channels.aep project.
The fi rst step is actually to apply the 3D Channel Extract effect
to this garage scene. Then, change the 3D Channel value in the
3D Channel Extract options to Surface Normals. I realize that this
creates a weird looking result, but just go with me on this one
(Fig. 5.64 ).
Figure 5.64 The result of
changing the 3D Channel drop
down value to Surface Normals.
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