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In Chapter 5, we'll use an abstract effect (Shift Channels) to
relight a scene rendered from a 3D program using 3D data that
is stored in the 3D image. In Chapter 17, we'll be creating a sci-fi
control panel out of video footage of children running using the
Brush Strokes effect. This is seen in Fig. 1.2.
We're going to be creating fi reballs and interactive magnifying
glasses and lightning and light sabers and armies of objects and
realistic fl owing chocolate and much more. Of course there aren't
any fi reball or chocolate effects. We have to get clever to achieve
these results. We have to use effects for purposes that have noth-
ing to do with their names. If ever there were a time to reuse the
cliché of thinking outside the box, this is it.
Figure 1.1 These razor sharp
edges were sharpened
with blur.
Figure 1.2 Applying an effect
called Brush Strokes, we create
this 60's sci-fi master computer
out of video footage of children
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