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We need to change the Background Color value to the same
blue background as on this plant layer. That will tell the Remove
Color Matting effect which fringe edge pixels need to be removed.
You can do this in a few different ways. You can change the
viewed channels back to RGB Straight and click the background
color with the eyedropper. Or, you can click the Background
Color swatch and enter the RGB values 90, 197, 255. This will then
remove all of the speckles of color along the edges of this plant.
Remember that you could have also achieved the same results by
interpreting the alpha channel as Premultiplied (Fig. 5.50).
Figure 5.50 The end result, with
the color matting removed.
The Set Channels Effect
The Set Channels effect is perhaps the most esoteric effect in
this category. Honestly, I haven't found a practical use for this
one yet. It allows you to recreate a layer using attributes from
other layers. This sounds similar, but is very different from say,
the Calculations effect. The Calculations effect (and others we've
looked at so far in this chapter) blends other attributes into the
current layer. The Set Channels effects just completely replace
the current attributes.
Open the Set Channels.aep project from the Chapter 5 folder of
the exercise fi les. This project contains three of the Artbeats video
clips we'll be looking at in this topic (Figs. 5.51-5.53).
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