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Figure 5.43 Changing the
Operation value to Minimum now
shrinks the alpha channel.
Switch over to the self-portrait comp. This is a self-portrait
painting I did in Corel Painter. Apply the Minimax effect to this
layer (Fig. 5.44).
Increasing the Radius value with the Operation set to
Maximum will thin down the black lines and create dreamlike
highlights (Fig. 5.45).
We can also thicken the black lines and generally create thicker
lines by changing the operation to Minimum. To demonstrate
the effects of the Minimum operation on this image, I've used a
Radius value of 2 (Fig. 5.46).
With these results, the edges start being eroded, as if we had
applied a blur effect. To restore the edges, select the Don't Shrink
Edges option at the bottom of the Minimax effect in the Effect
Controls panel.
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