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Radius value with the Operation value set to Maximum, the alpha
channel expands (Fig. 5.42).
Likewise, changing the Operation setting to Minimum will
shrink the alpha channel. This can be helpful for removing
aliased edges, or edges that didn't quite key out properly when
working with blue and green screen footage (Fig. 5.43).
That about covers what you need to know about using the
Minimax effect for practical purposes. But, some people also
use Minimax for producing creative effects, in the same way that
you might use an effect in the Stylize category. It can be used to
enhance the size of refl ections or for generating spectacular high-
lights using the Maximum operation. Alternatively, it can be used
to create a painted effect.
Figure 5.42 The boundaries
of the object expand when the
Channel value is set to Alpha,
and the Operation value is set to
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