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Apply the Minimax effect to the Creepy Stranger graphic.
The Operation drop down at the top is really the key here. The
two main behaviors are Minimum and Maximum. Let's first
look at the default value—Maximum. To see what this value
does, increase the Radius value. I used a value of about 20
(Fig. 5.39 ).
Let's examine this a little bit. Remember that this effect looks
at neighboring pixels (within a 20-pixel radius, according to our
Radius value). It then causes them all to be the maximum value in
that search area (because of the Operation setting of Maximum).
Because the value with the highest RGB values is white, the
20-pixel area all becomes white. If the stroke were black, then it
Figure 5.39 Increasing the
Radius value to 20 increases the
size of the stroke.
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