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The Minimax Effect
The Minimax effect might be the Channel effect used most
often. From a technical aspect, the Minimax effect looks at each
pixel and forces it to become either the minimum- or maxi-
mum value of the pixels in a specifi ed radius. In layman's terms,
the Minimax effect is typically used to expand or contract the
edges of a layer. This can be helpful in polishing up keyed foot-
age, removing strokes, cleaning up noisy edges, and other such
Open the Minimax.aep project up from the Chapter 5 folder
of the exercise fi les. We'll start in the Creepy Stranger comp. This
contains a simple Illustrator graphic with a thin stroke around its
edges (Fig. 5.38).
Figure 5.38 The Creepy Stranger
comp in the Minimax.aep project.
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