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Figure 5.23 The blending of the
current layer and the
layer using the Overlay blend
The Calculations effect can also be useful for refl ections of
other layers. I'm now going to change the Second Layer drop
down to the knight layer. I then go on to take down the Second
Layer Opacity value to 50%, and then change the Blending Mode
to Add. By default, the second layer stretches to fi ll the bound-
aries of the layer. You can offset this behavior by deselecting the
Stretch Second Layer to Fit, but I like the skewed results I get
here, so I'm leaving it selected. We now have something that is
starting to look a little like a refl ection. I'm also going to drag the
actual knight layer on top of the current layer, and turn on its vis-
ibility. This will help create the illusion that the knight is casting a
refl ection on the buildings behind him (Fig. 5.24).
Figure 5.24 Using the Add
Blending mode and reducing the
Second Layer Opacity can create
refl ective looks.
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