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Figure 5.21 The result of using
the Calculations effect to blend
this layer into itself.
Another difference between this procedure and blending with
layers is that we can selectively choose which channel to blend.
Take the Second Layer Channel value to Red to blend this layer
with its own red channel in the Overlay blend mode (Fig. 5.22).
Now let's take this up to the next level. In the Second Layer
drop down, select the layer. This is the other
Artbeats video clip of slow motion water splashing. Note that this
layer is not next to the current layer in the layer stack, and yet
the Calculations effect allows us to blend them together. Change
the Second Layer Channel back to RGBA, and leave the Blending
Mode value at Overlay. These two layers are now blended together
using the Overlay blend mode (Fig. 5.23).
Figure 5.22 The result of
blending the city video with its
own red channel in Overlay mode.
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