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Figure 5.17 The
Figure 5.18 The knight layer.
actually organized very well, and make sense once you under-
stand what this effect is trying to do (Fig. 5.20).
The section at the top—Input—is for defi ning how the current
layer will be affected. Actually, you specify here which part of the
current layer ( will be used in the fi nal blend. The
default setting uses all of the channels, including the alpha.
The next set of options is the Second Source options. Here you
defi ne the other layer that will blend with the current layer, and
specify how they are to blend. Choose another layer from the
Second Layer drop down in the Second Source area. Here is one
of the great benefi ts of this effect. Any layer in the comp can be
used for the fi nal blend, regardless of where it is in the layer stack.
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