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The Arithmetic Effect
The Arithmetic effect allows you to combine channels of a
layer with itself using blend modes. Hopefully, this defi nition
makes at least some sense. It's probably better than Adobe's own
defi nition of the Arithmetic effect, which you can fi nd by clicking
the About button for effects at the top of the effect in the Effect
Controls panel. (Fig. 5.10)
Open the Arithmetic.aep project in the Chapter 5 folder of the
exercise fi les. Apply the Arithmetic effect to the orb layer (Fig. 5.11).
In the Arithmetic effect, we have three color parameters, one
for each color channel. We can increase the amount of color
from any of the three channels, and blend that effect back onto
Figure 5.10 Oh, thanks. Now I
get it.
Figure 5.11 The Arithmetic.aep
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