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going to know. Get it right in a game people like and they carry on playing it, quite
possibly blissfully unaware that a writer was really involved at all (the pundit says the
kind of thing pundits say), and that keeps the player locked into the world of the
game. (Or maybe you've done a good job with the writing, but there wasn't enough
memory space to provide all that many samples, so the player's heard the same stuff
repeated so many times he decides to mute the sound after 20 minutes.)
On the other hand, get it wrong and you pull people out of the experience and
on goes the mute for the sound, or they're left to struggle through obscure text.
Providing you bear the five steps above in mind, as a rule, sports games won't be
the genre that will tax your writing brain the most, and it's not the genre most likely
to be constantly pushed to find dramatically different kinds of gameplay experiences.
However, there are exceptions to every rule, and every so often a game like 2K's
boxing game will present itself to you and knock your preconceptions to the canvas,
presenting you with such a fresh set of writing challenges that you'll feel as if nothing
you've done before has quite prepared you for it. And, in fact, you'll be glad of
that—because it's one of the real virtues of writing in this medium.
All material relevant to the game Don King Presents Prizefighter published with kind permission of
2K Games. All rights retained.
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