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Many of these elements will be self-explanatory. I'll pick up on a few of the less
obvious elements to give you a sense of what was involved.
Mini stories were distinct from the main story in that they were self-contained
pockets of story relating to a particular fighter, setting up a particular game incentive
for the player; “KO this guy by round 3 just using your left hand and protect your
right side,” for example—not that that precise example was ever intended to be used.
The misogynistic-sounding girlfriend games were, in fact, an idea that was going
to allow players to try their hand at talking to the ladies that like to talk to boxers,
and by successfully conducting a conversation and choosing the right words to say as
they gauged their date's body language, they could hope to leave the bar, restaurant,
or wherever the meeting took place with a new, more intimate fan—all of which was
intended to have a benefit for the player by giving them the equivalent of a morale
boost (which might then have had a counter-effect of them having spent less time in
the gym).
I spent about a week writing six girlfriend games, with six different girls, all with
their own kinds of personalities. This material was among some of the most difficult
and head splitting I'd ever been asked to write. Each game had to follow a procedure
a little like a rally in tennis, lasting at least 17 “shots.” The girl would “serve” a line,
and the player would choose from one of three “returns.” Each return would score
either negatively or positively on one or more attributes (which would be different in
each girlfriend game, according to what qualities that particular girl found attractive).
And each return would generate a different kind of response from the girl and would
consequently lead to a different kind of “service” line. If you're finding that hard to
follow, don't worry—that's precisely why my head was splitting.
In fact, Table 8.1 shows the first four “service” lines of one girlfriend game. Bear
in mind that you have to ensure that the game still plays through logically and that
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