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almost seamless to the player. The final scripts, as delivered, should contain all of the
gameplay and individual storytelling elements themselves with indicated transitions.
Good writing is almost transparent. It lives contained within the works of audio
and gameplay designers. It is there from the primordial stew that is RTS develop-
ment, a game type that the world, however niche, has come to love.
Real-time strategy games are a compelling game type, one that requires custom
writing solutions. Providing those solutions in an accurate manner requires an un-
derstanding of the interactive system, or RTS game, as a whole. From video game
screenplays, to arrays of non-linear dialogue, each piece must tightly interweave in a
narrative concinnity to create a rich sense of game story. Like all things today, RTS
evolves at an almost exponential rate; the game type is ripe for innovation. As fourth-
generation RTS comes to be defined, excellent writing will prove to be an increasingly
valuable asset in creating believable battlefields and continually epic drama, for what
is competitive conflict without character and the drama that arises out of the pursuit
of domination?
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