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Figure 7.2. Company of Heroes . c
2006 THQ Inc.
first title in the COH franchise in 2007. The standalone ”Opposing Fronts” was
released to much acclaim by fans and critics. This chapter is a guide to how I wrote
and designed the award-winning storylines for this World War II Real-Time Strategy
7.3 RTS Narrative Structure
RTS is a very different beast from the first-person or singular third-person perspec-
tives in most other genres. How do you tell a cohesive story that encompasses many
perspectives? This question has been answered in part by the history of RTS story-
telling mechanics and its evolution, but there is much more work to do.
The Westwood RTS game Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty used simple stills,
animation, and text. Somehow the player believed he was playing the “Harkonnen”
race. Harvesting spice felt good, everything was fun, battling for resources, evading
sandworms, and conquering your enemy. The entire gaming experience has become
more vivid since then, but that is not all. The devices are more refined, and the
gameplay has evolved, all lending to better experiences for the player. RTS games of
yesteryear and today still share one thing in common with most other video games,
the combination of linear cinematic sequences and non-linear gameplay that create a
cohesive experience for the player.
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