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“Take the point!”
“Follow me!”
“Fall back!”
“Need assistance!”
In each case, it's a way to quickly communicate to teammates and coordinate play.
Usually, each side will have slightly different commands, voiced by a different actor
or even in a different language. In Battlefield 2 , there are American, Chinese, and
Middle Eastern forces. Each side voices their commands in their own language with
English text, Though there is an option to hear your commands in English as well.
The original Unreal Tournament 's deathmatch taunts were legendary. They were so
popular that an enterprising hacker created a voice mod for Counter-Strike ,usingthe
very same taunts. “Headshot!” “Burn baby!” “You suck!” Taunts are any voiceover
that are non-gameplay related. They build atmosphere and simply make the multi-
player experience a little more fun. A lot of modders created their own taunts for use
in both Unreal Tournament and Counter-Strike . Te a m F o r t r e s s 2 has different taunts
voiced by each character. They have cheers, jeers, and battle cries, to name just a
few. The Heavy Weapons guy has an Austrian accent like that famous body builder
and former movie star. The Scout sounds like he's from Brooklyn. Writing taunts
can be a lot of fun and deceptively difficult. There is a lot of room for creativity and
invention and character creation.
6.14 Political Controversy
Video games in general, and first-person shooters in particular, have been accused by
certain cultural critics, politicians, and criminal defense attorneys as being murder
simulators or trainers. There's been talk of censorship and the outright banning of
certain kinds of games. This kind of controversy isn't unique to video games. At
one time or another, movies, comic books, rock and roll, and hip hop have all been
accused of leading to the lowering of morals (especially of young people) and the
general degradation of society.
This is common when a new and popular art form comes to the fore. The
older generation doesn't partake, often doesn't understand, and decides the activity
must be unwholesome, immoral, and dangerous. Other countries have even been
stricter in regulating standards pertaining to simulated violence in games. Many
games have been altered or outright banned because of violence and even because of
how a country or demographic is represented in a game. Game writers need to be
aware of these controversies because it can directly impact their work.
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