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end-run around your bosses, even if it improves things, will put your career in
4.7 Conclusion
Writing for action-adventure games isn't that different from writing for most story-
based console games. Your characters need to be strong, your villains engaging, your
dialogue short, entertaining, and dense with information. You'll find that your prose
will always be challenged by various forces, and you'll need to spend more of your
time in meetings listening, suggesting, and agreeing than you will actually writing.
It's not the easiest job on your ego, for certain.
However, there is no industry on Earth that lets you write in so many styles
and formats, all in one product. From long journal entries to pithy one-liners, from
movie scripting for cutscenes to in-game help text, you get to stretch those literary
muscles and strut your stuff before audiences (especially if you consider piracy) that
most novelists can only dream of.
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