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modify Thing
verDoChange(actor) =
"That isn't something you can change.";
Just for fun, here is the Inform 6 equivalent of the above definition (skipping the conversation):
Topic future "future"
with article "the",
name 'future',
before [;
Change: "Everything you do changes the future.";
Verb 'change' 'modify' 'alter' 'adjust'
* noun -> Change
[ ChangeSub;
"That isn't something you can change.";
And, just to dip one toe into the next generation, here is the Inform 7 version:
Changing is an action applying to one visible thing.
Understand "change [something]" or "modify [something]" or "alter [something]"
or "adjust [something]" as changing.
Instead of changing something: say "That isn't something you can change."
The future is scenery. Instead of changing the future: say "Everything you do
changes the future."
For more thorough language comparisons, check out Roger Firth's Cloak of Darkness
page, which implements a simple IF scenario in every available modern language, so that you
can see all of the differences and similarities for yourself. (See below for URL.)
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