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case Fred:
"Fred says, \"The future? Heck, I bet in ten years
I'll be the manager of this place. Maybe I'll even
own the franchise. Sure, I'll have a big house, the
wife and kids. Yeah.\" ";
return( true );
case Laura:
"Laura says, \"Well, after I go to business school --
or maybe law school, I haven't decided yet -- I
figure I'll be able to do whatever I want. But you
never know what the future will bring!\" ";
return( true );
case Angela:
"Angela says, \"I visited a fortune teller once. She
told me that, if I wanted it, I could reach the top
of the world. Then she said that I shouldn't want
that. I got angry at her, I'm not even sure why. It
just sounded phony, you know? Heck, I could do worse
than reaching the top, you know? I should have such
problems.\" ";
return( true );
case Homeless_Guy:
"The homeless guy coughs and says, \"I have no
future. Not one I can face. But let me tell this
in my own way.\" ";
return( true );
case Architect:
"He says, \"I always like to think ahead, but I'm
always surprised by what the future brings.\" ";
return( true );
return( nil );
The verDoChange definition is the code that runs if the player happens to type “change the
future” at the command prompt. This is a non-standard verb that doesn't come with the
library, but since some players might think to try it, I added it myself. Here's the rest of that
verb definition, including the default response ( Thing is a generic object class) that will be
printed most of the time.
changeVerb: deepverb
verb = 'change' 'modify' 'alter' 'adjust'
sdesc = "change"
doAction = 'Change'
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