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Cutscene 10—Battle Seven: Endor Part 2
Main Element(s):
Super Star Destroyer Executor collides into Death Star
Gun Tower
Death Star
TIE Interceptors
Any variety of other Rebel and Imperial starfighters and capital ships
Gun Tower Officer
Gun Tower Crewman
Vo i c e s :
Rebel Pilot #1 (Green 5)
Rebel Pilot #2 (Blue 7)
Imperial Officer #3 (reassigned from Adm. Zaarin)
Imperial Officer #2 (reassigned from Adm. Holtz)
Shot 1: Near the surface of the Death Star, B-wing Green 5 shooting past a pair of TIE
Interceptors which quickly loop around to chase the Rebel fighter.
REBEL PILOT #1 grim and determined, random stress from violent
“Blue 7, I'm starting my run on the surface...please get these squints off my
An A-wing swoops in behind the TIEs.
REBEL PILOT #2 excited
“No problem, 7!”
The A-wing launches a missile at the rear Interceptor. The target immediately jinks away in a
futile attempt to evade the missile. The lead craft loops around to deal with the threat of the
Shot 2: From behind the B-wing as it heads toward a gun tower.
REBEL PILOT #1 determined
“Torpedoes away!”
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