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Cutscene 6—Battle Four:
Main Elements:
The Imperial computer is decoded by the Rebels, revealing the Death Star construction.
Vader and Emperor discuss their plans to trap the rebels.
Rebel Base (interior)
Star Destroyers
TIE Fighters
Vo i c e s :
Rebel Officer #2
Commander Zaletta
Darth Vader
Shot 1: Inside a rebel base, the Imperial computer captured by Bothans is decoded.
REBEL OFFICER #2 hesitant
Okay, I think I've got it. I'm routing it to the display now.
Shot 2: A few officers stand in front of a large display as the Death Star II is revealed. A few
gasps and sounds of amazement and dread can be heard.
Get this information to High Command at once. We have a new priority,
people. I only hope it's not too late.
Shot 3: Cut to Endor to show actual Death Star under construction.
Shot 4: Cut to Imperial Fleet, and the Executor. Various TIE Fighters patrol the area.
Shot 5 (B-list): Inside the Executor, Vader kneels before a holo-image of the Emperor.
You r r e po r t , Lo rd Vade r.
The plans are now in Rebel hands, my master. Our forces gave chase, but
allowed them to escape as you commanded.
You disapprove?
VADER ( s l ight pause )
It is not my place to disapprove, my master.
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