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Cutscene 5—Battle Three:
Main Elements:
Commander Kupalo steals a shuttle and escapes, wreaking havoc along the way.
Calamari Cruiser
Nebulon-B Frigate
Vo i c e s :
Rebel Officer #1
Olin Garn
Commander Kupalo
Shot 1: The landing ramp of the Shuttle closes, and as the shadow of it recedes, a security
guard is revealed, face down and motionless.
Shot 2: The shuttle lifts off from the hangar bay of the Cruiser, as a Rebel officer's voice is
REBEL OFFICER #1 businesslike
Shuttle AA-23, you are not authorized for launch. Power down your engines,
and submit your flight plan. [No response].
Shot 3: The shuttle continues and nears the open hangar door.
REBEL OFFICER #1 starting to yell
Shuttle AA-23, you are ordered to comply. Power down your engines and...
Shot 4: Just as the shuttle leaves the hangar bay, a large explosion rocks the hangar.
Shot 5: X-Wings are scrambled and launch from the secondary hangar bay. They approach
the shuttle, opening their s-foils into attack position.
AA-23, we have you in our sights. Power down at once or we will open fire.
I'll take that into consideration.
Shot 6: The Shuttle drops a few homing mines, which immediately lock onto the X-Wings
and start tracking them. The X-Wings try to avoid them, but end up getting blown to
smithereens. The Shuttle escapes to hyperspace.
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