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Cutscene 4—Battle Two: Secret Weapons of the Empire
Main Elements:
Tugs operating in debris field
Admiral Zaarin speaking with Imperial officer
Tu g
Debris (various bits and pieces)
Vo i c e s :
Admiral Zaarin
Imperial Officer #3
Shot 1: The debris from the battle is spread out, parts of craft still burning in space (yeah I
know, internal fires?). Suddenly several tugs are shown collecting debris. An ISD comes into
view with TIE Fighters on patrol.
IMPERIAL OFFICER #3 businesslike
We have recovered the damaged remains of the facility's computer core, Admiral
Zaarin. Our techs are looking at it now. It appears that we will be able to recover
a significant amount of data.
Excellent, and what of Director Lenzer?
IMPERIAL OFFICER #3 businesslike
The log shows he fled the scene in a shuttle. That is all the information we have
sir. There is a high probability that his shuttle was destroyed in the battle.
A shame, but the project will continue. The data recovered from the prototypes
will prove valuable to us as we move in the second stage. As soon as the tugs are
all onboard, set course for research station Obsidian.
Ye s s i r.
Shot 2: Many tugs (more than the previous scene) collecting the debris from the battle.
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