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Imperial Star Destroyer
Vo i c e s :
Imperial Admiral Holtz
Imperial Officer #1
Imperial Officer #2 (Communications)
Shot 1: A large collection of Rebel capital ships moving in formation. Various Rebel starfight-
ers are moving with the fleet, like small insects darting around the ships in formation (Like the
scenes at the Battle of Endor in ROTJ). The fleet jumps into hyperspace together. Hopefully
Shot 2: The shot would show the ISD slightly adrift in space.
IMPERIAL OFFICER #1 carefully choosing his words, the emphasis should
be on “top efficiency”
Admiral Holtz, Engineering reports that they have completed their repairs.
They wish to inform that without adequate parts or tools, they cannot be certain
the hyperdrives will function at top efficiency
Very well. Was the Sensor station able to repel the Rebel attack?
IMPERIAL OFFICER #2 nervous, aware that they are all in a bad situation
Negative Sir, we lost communication with them an hour ago. Gunboats from
Tau squadron have reported that they are lost. Incoming report sir, Command
has given us new orders. We are to return to Coruscant for an inquiry into the
Rebel attack.
ADMIRAL HOLTZ fatally resigned, he knows that his inability to prevent the
Rebels from escaping has ended his career, and possibly his life
Of course. Signal command, inform them that we shall arrive in two weeks.
Navigation set course for Coruscant, engage hyperdrive.
Shot 3: The shot would then show the Hyperdrive engines flicker to life, the ISD would
move for a short distance, then come crashing out of hyperdrive with small fires in the engine
section. Various warning sirens are going off.
ADMIRAL HOLTZ emphasis should be placed on the phrase “three weeks.”
This is something of a funny remark, since how could things get any worse?
sigh Less than top efficiency indeed, Lieutenant. Tell command to expect us at
Coruscant in three weeks.
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