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The Andrasta rejoins the other two transports for the jump into hyperspace, and the remaining
TIEs break off and turn back toward the base.
Shot 2: Switch to a view that shows the Assault Shuttles making a firing pass on the base using
their ion cannons. Zero-G Stormtroopers are deployed in their wake.
“Securing the station now, sir!”
The Stormtroopers use their maneuver packs to reach the hangar opening where they are
caught in a large explosion.
Shot 3: Family transports come out of hyperspace near a large pale gas giant. Panning reveals
that the planet is orbiting a double star. Further panning reveals a Rebel fleet orbiting the
EMON AZZAMEEN mordantly, then serious
“Wish I could've seen the look on that Imperial Commander's face when they
found your little present, Aeron. Anyway, looks like the co-ordinates your
boyfriend gave us were right on the money. Why don't you give them a hail
and see what kind of reception we get?”
“Hailing Rebel Commander, this is Aeron Azzameen. The Empire has just
driven my family and me from our home. We seek sanctuary, may we ap-
ADMIRAL NAMMO surprised, then sympathetic, then inquisitive
“You're Tomaas Azzameen's kids? He was a good man, I was sorry to hear of
your loss. You're certainly welcome to join us, but how did you know where to
find us?”
Two flights of A-wings have moved into escort positions.
AERON AZZAMEEN slightly flustered
“Uh, I'm a friend of Olin Garn, one of your starfighter pilots. Is he there?”
ADMIRAL NAMMO businesslike
“Well, we can discuss that in person. Follow your escorts to the Cruiser Defi-
The trio of family transports and their escorts fly toward the Calamari Cruiser.
Cutscene 3—Battle One: Clearing the Way
Main Elements:
Rebel fleet escaping into hyperspace
Admiral Holtz's ISD repair problems
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