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TOMAAS AZZAMEEN business-like
“Hailing Twin Sun Service Platform, this is Captain Tomaas Azzameen of the
Corellian Transport Otana requesting emergency repairs!”
“Tomaas! What happened? It looks like you've been in a fight. You didn't
actually contact the Rebels did you?”
The camera moves around the platform taking it all in as the Otana moves in. LEC credits
run while Tomaas and Antan argue.
TOMAAS AZZAMEEN still business-like (trying to minimize the gravity of
the situation)
“Everything was just fine until an Imperial fleet showed up. I accomplished
what I set out to do and we got away with only minor damage. How quickly
do you think you could patch up my primary reserve tank?”
ANTAN AZZAMEEN sympathetic, then suspicious
“I'd have to bump a bunch of ships that have been waiting ... it's going to cost
us if I do that. You're not in any particular hurry are you?”
TOMAAS AZZAMEEN disingenuously
“Well, yes...”
ANTAN AZZAMEEN deeply suspicious, then accusatory, then angry, then
“What are you telling me? You're under pursuit aren't you? Blast your idealism! I
told you this would happen! As if the Imperial authorities aren't already difficult
... ”
TOMAAS AZZAMEEN weakly apologetic, then conniving
“Now, Antan, I took precautions and I know we weren't IDed. Look, the sooner
I get out of here, the better for all of us, right?”
“No way! This is bantha spew and you know it. You can make it home just fine
as you are. I suggest you leave immediately before I report you myself!”
TOMAAS AZZAMEEN astonished, then angry
“Why you ... are you refusing to help me out?”
“You're damned straight! I told you we can't afford to get mixed up in this
Rebellion. Maybe this will make you realize I'm serious. We'll talk about this
after you get home and cool off. Twin Sun Platform out!”
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