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TOMAAS AZZAMEEN earnestly, then wryly for last phrase
“Great shooting, but that was way too close for comfort. Thanks for your help,
we are outta here!”
The Otana jumps to hyperspace sporting a few ragged and glowing little holes. The X-wings
have turned back to cover the next ship off of Hoth. (Note it would be cool if the background
could show a bunch of Imperial ships, especially Assault Shuttles and other planetary attack
craft. Isn't the Executor part of this fleet?)
Shot 3: Tr a c k i n g t h e Otana through hyperspace while the TG credits run. Panning/rotating
camera view or series of fly-bys showing off the details of this new-to-the-Star Wars-universe
ship. At least one medium shot sufficient to show two bobbing heads in the cockpit to place
the two voices for this shot.
“It doesn't look like we got away so clean after all, Galin. We're losing coolant
pressure in the primary reserve tank.”
The camera zooms in on the damage done by the exploding TIE. It affects only a few
spots on the hull, but the damage isn't insignificant. There is some residual glowing, random
sparking and what appears to atmosphere venting through a tiny hole in the hull.
GALIN AZZAMEEN slightly worried
“You want me to see what I can do?”
“No, we're close enough to stop at our service platform in the Roccus system for
GALIN AZZAMEEN slightly taken aback, then somewhat mocking
say, 'I told you not to get involved with the Rebels.'”
“I'd rather put up with that than risk trying to get all the way home without
that primary reserve.”
“Fine by me. It's your call.”
Shot 4 [B-list]: The Otana comes out of hyperspace near a space platform where a variety of
transports can be seen docked. They include any number of the following: Medium Transport,
Corellian YT-1300, Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-class Patrol and Attack Ship (Slave
One), MandalMotors Pursuer Enforcement Ship (Slave Two), Corellian Action VI Transport,
Lambda-class Shuttle, Tugs etc. Ships are moving about the platform and various docking
operations are being carried out while the following argument goes on as long as necessary for
the LEC credits.
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