Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Corellian YT-1800 Transport Otana (Family Transport)
Corellian YT-1300 Transport Sabra (Player's Craft)
MandalMotors Pursuer -class Enforcement Ship Andrasta (Emon's Craft)
Medium Transport
Corellian Action VI Transport
Tu g s
Imperial-class Star Destroyer(s)
TIE Fighters
Assault Shuttles?
Vo i c e s :
Tomaas Azzameen (Father and captain of the Family Transport)
Galin Azzameen (eldest brother and co-pilot of the Family Transport)
Antan Azzameen (Uncle and Platform Director)
Olin Garn (X-wing Pilot #1)
Shot 1: The Otana leaving Hoth escorted by a pair of X-wings flies directly toward the camera.
The camera tracks the transport and as it flies past and away from the camera, a Star Destroyer
is revealed moving to block its path.
“WhatagreatdaytopayavisittotheRebels! Icanseewhyyou'regoingto
need so much bacta!”
The Star Destroyer is hit by ion cannon blasts coming from behind the camera.
OLIN GARN reassuringly
“Don't worry, we've got you covered.”
As the ion blasts hit and the Star Destroyer begins to list, two pair of TIE Fighters come into
view flying toward the camera spitting laser fire.
Shot 2: Switch to a view that shows the TIEs are making a firing pass on the transport.
OLIN GARN determined
“Green Two, bracket high-low now!”
The X-wings have broken out high and low relative to the Otana andturnedbacktointercept
the TIEs. The TIEs end up caught in the crossfire. One pair is simultaneously toasted by a
single quad burst from one X-wing. The other pair is taken out in quick succession, rear craft
first. The ball of one of the TIEs explodes near enough to the Family Transport to pepper it
with small bits of debris and cause it to shudder.
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