Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Commander Zaletta (C06, C07, C08)
Rebel Briefing officer: on board the Cruiser Liberty
Admiral Nammo (C02)
Rebel commander of Cruiser Defiance, calamari
Admiral Ackbar (C08)
Top military commander of Alliance, commander of Cruiser Independence, calamari
Rebel Officer #1 (C05)
Rebel Officer #2 (C06)
Rebel Pilot #1 (C10)
Rebel Pilot #2 (C10)
Admiral Holtz (C02, C03)
Imperial commander: commands task force searching for rebel fleet after Battle of Hoth
Admiral Zaarin (C04)
Imperial commander (battle 2) from TIE Fighter, in charge of many different research projects
Lord Darth Vader (C06, C08, C09)
Emperor Palpatine (C06, C08, C09)
Imperial Officer #1 (C03, C09)
Imperial Officer #2 (C03, C10)
Imperial Officer #3 (C04, C10)
Imperial Officer #4 (C11)
Imperial Zero-G Stormtrooper (C01)
Imperial TIE Interceptor Pilot (C11)
Cutscene 1—Opening
Main Elements:
Rebel escape from Hoth
Rendezvous at a Family Platform
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