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Still, I'm holding on to my mother's good luck charm and praying that Gamal
keeps his word ... this time.
Let's do it!
—ART: Drawing of minicannons, photo of mini cannons on boat
C.2 Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Cutscene Scripts
Cutscene Master Character List
Character (cutscenes appearing in)
Aeron Azzameen (C02)
Player's sister: Older than player. Her specialty is code slicing, i.e. code cracking, and general
computer hacking, player's trainer, confidante and link to the family throughout the story, but
particularly after player has joined the Rebellion. Central character and heroine.
Antan Azzameen (C01)
Player's uncle: Brother to player's father, long time partner and founder of family shipping and
storage business. Takes leadership of family after father killed. Central character, key figure in
major plot twist of story.
Emon Azzameen (C02)
Player's brother: Older than player. Hot headed brother, modeled after Sonny Corleone of the
“Godfather,” a great pilot but quick tempered. Spends most of the story seeking retribution
and revenge for his father's and brother's death. The target of this vendetta is the head of the
rival family, K'Armyn Viraxo.
Tomaas Azzameen (C01)
Player's father: Head of family business. Sympathetic to Rebellion but outwardly neutral.
Killed early in story.
Galin Azzameen (C01)
Player's brother: Oldest in family, heir to family business , killed along with father early in the
Olin Garn (C01, C05, C07, C12)
Sister's friend: A fighter pilot in the Alliance. Is there to train the player when the player joins
the Alliance at the beginning of battle 1. Older, wiser and more experienced pilot than player
Commander Kupalo (C05)
Rebel Briefing officer: imperial mole/spy, on board the Cruiser Liberty
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