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Still this Lady Helen has me intrigued. Now there's a woman worth getting to
know better!
But it'll have to wait; I can only fight one battle at a time....
—ART: Portrait of Helen (from original character sketch), Silhouette of her standing in
front of group of pirates, Photo of Sampans
Spotter Scripts
Achmed: “These Jade Kingdom traders need a harsh lesson.”
Achmed: “Don't let them get away!”
Achmed: “Ha! Some have the gall to fire back!”
Achmed: “You've done well; your ancestors would be proud!”
Act 1, Mission 4 Briefing (Act Finale)
Knife Fight
I've learned that my mate's full name is Achmed Rahman bin Sul. Now there's a
mouthful. Still, he's a good man, with sharp eyes and steady nerves. I trust him
in a fight.
And I need a friend right now.
Gamal and another of Xingh's lieutenants have proposed a dangerous but doable
plan to finally earn my way into the sea raider brotherhood.
I'll act as bait to lure a flotilla of heavily armed Jade Kingdom sampans into a
bay with a very narrow entrance. Then my two new “allies” will charge out of
hiding to complete the ambush.
—ART: Gamal sketch (close-up of him sitting on dock), Smaller image of Gamal and
other raider standing, talking to you
Together, we ought to be able to blow the trapped Iriyani to pieces. Achmed's
even scrounged up two rapid-fire chain guns to give our boat a meaner bite.
This is my chance to finally show Lady Helen - and Lord Xingh too, of course
- just how good I am.
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