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Still, my naval uniform just seems to make me a target. Only my skills with a
boat matter to these guys. In fact, I've been challenged to a race by Gamal the
Knife; a raider with a seriously ruthless rep. I've been loaned a speedboat and
Achmed's even signed on as my co-pilot. All right.
we circle the island back to the starting dock ... while running a gauntlet of sea
raider boats who'll be trying to drive me into every available reef or rock ... if
I'm lucky.
Gamal's even been so kind as to give me a head start, claiming he won't move
until I pass the first buoy. And a guy with the nickname, “the Knife,” has just
got to be trustworthy, right?
So now it's time to show these wartholes just what an officer can do.
—ART: Gamal Art, Dock photo
Spotter Scripts
Achmed: “Once past the 1st buoy the race is on.”
Achmed: “Stay close to the shore, but avoid the rocks!”
Achmed: “Just a little further!”
Achmed: “Do not sink him, Zhan. They will have our heads for sure”
Achmed: “We made it. You did a great job!”
Gamal: “Hurry it up fool, I do not have all day!”
Gamal: “You will never catch me, boy!”
Gamal: “A soldier can never have a pirate's ruthlessness!
Gamal: “Your career ends today child!”
Act 1, Mission 2 Briefing
Fish In A Barrel
Having survived that last little party game, I've been given the chance at a mis-
sion. Ped Xingh himself called me in, but he didn't seem very impressed. He
spent most of the time puffing on a huge cigar and looking at me like something
that should be dragged behind a boat rather than piloting one.
“You've bought yourself some time, crab bait, but now you've got to earn your
keep. Let's see if your gunnery is a match for your piloting.”
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